He/She proposed and you said yes! The sparkly ring is on your finger and it’s time to start shopping for the dream wedding venue. But where to start? It can be overwhelming when you start an online search and find there are so many options. We understand the feeling you can get from worrying about choosing the wrong place. Read as well my blog post about traditional hotel weddings.

Hold my hand and let’s narrow down the choices so you can get a little closer to finding the place you will have your best day ever.

What questions to ask?

I’ve prepared a comprehensive checklist for finding a stylish wedding venue that suits your needs perfectly. When you follow my checklist you will be able to narrow down your options by eliminating unsuitable venues and highlighting the possible winners.

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When you get a shortlist of venues on paper you will be able to contact each place to book a site inspection. This is the really fun part of finding a venue. By the time you arrive on site, you have a list of questions to ask about logistics, numbers, styling, and more. It’s all laid out for you in the ultimate checklist.

What’s the value ?

Your venue is the backdrop to your big day and one of the biggest expenses of the whole wedding especially if you are booking accommodation at the venue too. But it can’t just be a pretty place. It needs to have a high level of service with talented and experienced staff who know how to execute weddings. The venue needs to be flexible enough to allow your style to shine through in the florals and decorations.

You deserve such a wedding venue but to find this dream place you need to know how to research and ask the right questions. It’s all here in the ultimate checklist for finding a stylish wedding venue. Read it now with a nice glass of wine and feel your worries go and your excitement start to rise!

Grab my Ultimate Checklist here!

Stylish Wedding in Ireland

The Ultimate Checklist For Finding A Stylish Wedding Venue

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