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I know how much work goes into planning a wedding celebration that feels authentic to you.   And when you're juggling work, family and home  bringing your wedding day vision to life, can become stressful and overwhelming.  Not to mention the self-doubt that can creep in when you're not sure where to start and if  your ideas will work.  That's where I come in. 

As a wedding planner Ireland I collaborate with busy couples like you, to elevate your vision and plan & style a contemporary wedding celebration which truly reflects your unique personality and story; allowing you to actually enjoy the planning process and feel inspired and relaxed along the way. 

By taking the time to get to know you as a couple, I  will create a bespoke wedding concept with the focus on a multi-sensory experience which your family and friends will cherish forever.  I am not about traditions and protocols but what feels right to you.  

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dublin wedding Planner & stylist

"We would highly recommend Sandra to anyone! I was incredibly happy with our celebration and so impressed that she totally understood our vision!"

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Stylish and Contemporary is my design love language but there's nothing stand-offish about my approach.  The Infusion experience is intentionally designed to give you the space and time to feel inspired and enjoy every step of the planning process and of course, every moment of your wedding day too.  Whilst I'm here to take over the heavy work of planning and designing your wedding, my approach is collaborative and attentive.  

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