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Embracing Ireland's Magic: Kimberley and Lyndon's Transatlantic Wedding Adventure

Imagine planning your dream wedding from halfway across the world, in a place known for its lush landscapes, rich heritage, and enchanting beauty. Kimberley and Lyndon did just that when they embarked on their transatlantic wedding adventure, choosing the captivating shores of Ireland as the backdrop for their special day. From their home in the United States, they entrusted us with the task of creating an intimate celebration surrounded by loved ones.

Destination Ireland: A Love Story Unfolds

For Kimberley and Lyndon, Ireland held a special place in their hearts. It was a land of legend, where ancient castles stood sentinel over sweeping landscapes and where every corner seemed to whisper tales of history and romance. It was here, amidst the emerald hills and breathtaking vistas, that they envisioned their love story unfolding.

The couple's decision to choose Ireland as their wedding destination was a testament to their shared love of adventure and their desire to craft lasting memories in a place that resonated with their souls. Their journey would lead them to the Beaufort House, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Ireland, where the promise of warm hospitality and breathtaking beauty awaited them.

Elegant Hues: Ivory, Navy, and Dusty Blue

Kimberley and Lyndon had a vision for their wedding—one that spoke of timeless elegance and understated beauty. Their chosen color scheme of ivory, navy, and dusty blue perfectly encapsulated this vision. These hues mirrored the serene beauty of Ireland's natural landscapes, where rolling green gardens met the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean.

An Eight-Day Celebration: More Than Just a Wedding

Their wedding celebration spanned eight magical days, allowing their guests to immerse themselves fully in the charm of Ireland. It was more than a wedding; it was an adventure, an exploration of a land filled with captivating wonders. Each day brought new experiences as they traversed the countryside, took in the sights and sounds, and deepened their bonds of friendship and family.

Enchanting Anemone Accents

To add a touch of mystique to their celebration, Kimberley and Lyndon incorporated accents of Anemone into their wedding décor. These delicate blooms seemed to have been kissed by Irish mist, their petals imbued with an otherworldly charm. This subtle floral choice beautifully complemented the garden vibe that enveloped the couple and their guests.

A Love That Knows No Bounds

Kimberley and Lyndon's wedding was more than a union of two souls; it was a testament to love's ability to transcend borders. Their celebration in Ireland served as a reminder that love knows no bounds, and it can create beauty and memories that span continents and lifetimes.

Their transatlantic wedding adventure was a love letter to Ireland's magic and an ode to the enchantment of their own love story. It showcased the power of love to bridge distances, cross oceans, and bring together cherished family and friends in a place where dreams come true.

As we look back on Kimberley and Lyndon's wedding, we're reminded that love, like Ireland's captivating landscapes, is evergreen and eternally beautiful. It's a force that can move mountains and make dreams take flight, even from 3,000 miles away.


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Cake Design @mscupcakecork
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Sandra was always available and responsive and kept us on track for all the details of a perfect wedding day/week, including facilitating an 8-day catering project for us and our guests!

 I know there was a myriad of issues she dealt with that I never had to fret about, so thank you, thank you Sandra, we will be forever grateful for your expert assistance and personal care. You made this "golden years' couple" very very happy (as you could tell from all the happy tears!!). We hope to meet you again some day, either here in the states or in your beautiful country!  

- Kimberley & Lyndon

"If you are looking to entrust your special day to someone who will cover it all,
Sandra's the one!"



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