Dark Boho 

Unveiling Howth's Moody Boho Elopement: The Black, Rust, and Emerald Green Magic

Are you ready to journey into a world of unbridled romance and untamed beauty? We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have the enchanting village of Howth and its natural wonders right on our doorstep. What better place to host an elopement that captures the very essence of love and nature's raw allure? Join us as we delve into a moody Boho elopement that celebrates the extraordinary, with a daring color palette of black, rust, and emerald green.

Howth's Timeless Charm

Howth, with its rugged cliffs, ever-changing seas, and an abundance of natural beauty, sets the stage for this unforgettable love story. Nestled on the outskirts of Dublin, this picturesque village offers a canvas where love and nature entwine.

A Moody Boho Affair

Our Boho elopement is an ode to the unconventional. It's a celebration of love in its most unapologetic and raw form. Our bride, dressed in a captivating black lace gown with intricate rust and emerald green accents, epitomizes the moody Boho style. The groom, in an emerald velvet suit, mirrors the earthy and ethereal hues of Howth.

Exchanging Vows at Nature's Altar

The ceremony unfolds against the stunning backdrop of the Howth cliffs. This rugged, natural amphitheater reverberates with the echoes of their heartfelt promises, sealed with a kiss. As the winds gently carry their words away, the sea becomes their witness, and the cliffs, their sanctuary.

A Tablescape of Enchantment

Our reception setup, nestled on the cliffs, features rustic wooden tables adorned with black candleholders and emerald-hued glassware. It's an enchanting tablescape that evokes the wild charm of the Boho style, making every moment spent here a precious memory.

Golden Hour Magic

As the sun sets over the cliffs, the world transforms. The cliffs turn to rust, the sea glistens emerald, and the sky paints an ethereal canvas. It's a moment for the brave, where the extraordinary becomes the everyday.

This moody Boho elopement in Howth is an ode to the wild, the unconventional, and the extraordinary. It's a testament to love that dares to be itself and nature's eternal allure. Together, we've woven a tapestry of emotions, style, and untamed beauty in the heart of Howth.


Photographer: @julieclarkephotography
Videography: @tyronrossphotography
Stylist & Planner: @infusionweddings
Hair & Makeup: jessica.gemma
Models: @_lilidzia & @geembi
Celebrant: @romymcauley_irelandcelebrant
Cake: @lilia.tirgoala
Suit: @lovesuitsireland
Stationery: @wellwoodweds
Jewellery @touchofvenusjewellery
Wedding dress @mizz_rio


Sandra was amazing throughout the whole process. She had useful and practical idea's at every stage that really made the wedding very special on the day. She was very prompt and professional in her communication. I can easily recommend Sandra to anyone.

- James

"Sandra was amazing throughout the whole process"



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