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Johnstown Castle's East Wing: A Micro Wedding Paradise

Johnstown Castle, a historic gem in Ireland, recently unveiled its newly renovated east wing, creating an idyllic setting for intimate micro weddings. I had the privilege of curating a shoot in this enchanting space, where we embraced the beauty of simplicity and nature. Join me as we explore the details of this lovely day, where ivory and yellow tones took center stage, and the floral magic was conjured by the talented Lennie Wall.

A Historic Venue Transformed

Johnstown Castle has long been a symbol of elegance and grandeur. With the renovation of its east wing, the castle has added a new dimension to its allure, catering to couples seeking an intimate and romantic setting for their special day. The blend of history and modernity in this renovation provides the perfect backdrop for micro weddings, offering a unique and intimate experience.

Embracing Light and Fresh Tones

Our shoot was designed to capture the essence of simplicity and fresh beginnings. We chose a palette dominated by light and fresh ivory and yellow tones, mirroring the serenity of the castle's surroundings. These colors, combined with the natural light pouring in through the windows, created an atmosphere of pure enchantment.

Floral Dreams by Lennie Wall

No wedding shoot is complete without the touch of a talented florist, and Lennie Wall's creations were nothing short of breathtaking. Her meadow-style floral arrangements added a touch of whimsy and romance to the day. The versatility of meadow-style arrangements makes them a perfect choice for micro weddings, and the pop of yellow was not only a nod to the season but also right on trend.

The Magic of Micro Weddings

Micro weddings have gained popularity for good reason. They allow couples to focus on what truly matters: their love and the people who mean the most to them. The renovated east wing of Johnstown Castle offers an intimate space that perfectly complements the essence of micro weddings. It's a place where couples can exchange vows and create memories that will last a lifetime.

In conclusion, our shoot at Johnstown Castle's newly renovated east wing was a celebration of simplicity, natural beauty, and the magic of micro weddings. The combination of this historic venue, our light and fresh color palette, and Lennie Wall's enchanting floral designs created a day that was both elegant and unforgettable. If you're considering a micro wedding, Johnstown Castle provides an exquisite setting where your love story can take center stage in an intimate and charming way.



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Sandra and Olivia made a wonderful team to coordinate our wedding in March 2023. As it was a Dublin city wedding we had multiple venues and they made sure that all guests moved from place to place very smoothly. Sandra was an amazingly calming influence all throughout the planning stage making sure that we felt confident handing over the reigns to her on the day. She was fantastically organised, made sure all our vendors had everything they needed and that everything ran smoothly. I would highly recommend her and Olivia to any future couples, we would have been lost without them!

- Ali & Sean

"Sandra was an amazingly calming influence throughout the planning process."



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