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In the heart of the lush woodlands of Sligo, Ireland, a love story as vibrant as the terracotta and mustard hues they chose for their wedding colors unfolded. Meet Kathryn and Patrick, a couple hailing from the sunny state of California, who embarked on a romantic journey across the Atlantic to celebrate their love in the enchanting ambiance of Juniper Barn.

A Transatlantic Tale of Love 

Kathryn and Patrick's love story transcended borders and continents, and when it came time to say "I do," they knew they wanted a destination wedding that would capture the essence of their adventurous spirits. Their search for the perfect venue led them to Juniper Barn, a hidden gem nestled amidst the woodlands of Sligo, with its towering trees and a sense of tranquility that felt like a world away from their California roots.
With a deep understanding of the couple's love for nature and their chosen color palette of terracotta and mustard, we orchestrated a celebration that represented their love for the sea , surfing and the area.

The Great Outdoors Becomes the Altar 

The outdoor ceremony in the woodlands was nothing short of magical. Beneath a canopy of lush green leaves and surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature, Kathryn and Patrick exchanged heartfelt vows. Their love, as palpable as the forest breeze, left a lasting impression on everyone present.

 Terracotta and Mustard Delights
The reception was a feast for the eyes. Tables adorned with terracotta and mustard accents created a warm and inviting atmosphere. The bud vases showcased the vibrant colors of the day, adding a touch of elegance to the rustic setting.

 Capturing Every Moment 

Their photographer, capturing candid moments and genuine smiles, ensured that every emotion and memory was preserved. From the couple's first dance under the stars to the heartfelt toasts from family and friends, every moment was a testament to the love and joy that Kathryn and Patrick shared.

So happy we hired Sandra for planning and coordination! She helped create our dream wedding from across the globe and executed effortless day-of coordination, allowing us to relax and enjoy our special day.

- Kathryn & Patrick

"So happy we hired Sandra for planning and coordination."



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