Garden wedding 

A Summer Soiree: Boho-Inspired Garden Marquee Wedding at a Dundalk Estate

In the heart of Dundalk, the parents' estate became the canvas for a wedding that unfolded as a refined masterpiece. As the sun dipped low, casting its glow over the lush setting, the celebration seamlessly blended bohemian charm with rustic grace.

The Refined Backdrop: Parents' Estate Grandeur

Nestled within Dundalk's charm, the groom's family estate set the stage for a celebration of understated opulence. Ancient trees and vibrant blooms framed the scene, creating an atmosphere  of timeless romance.

Boho Whispers and Rustic Hues: Floral Elegance

The marquee had rustic tables layered with fabric and foliage and bathed in gentle lights, embodied bohemian allure. . Abundant florals in complementary colours, adorned the space with an understated grace that harmonized with the natural surroundings. Not to mention the hanging floral installation right over the head table.

Core Colours: Sage Green and Rust

Sage green and rust, carefully chosen hues, permeated the celebration. Bridesmaids wore these tones with effortless sophistication, while tablescapes and even the groom's boutonniere echoed the curated color palette, creating a visually cohesive experience.

Harmonious Tunes: The Poor Boys' Delight

As daylight faded, the Poor Boys took center stage, infusing the air with melodies that resonated through the estate. Their music became the heartbeat of the evening, and the party going.

The Magnificent Dessert Buffet

The dessert buffet, a masterpiece in its own right, unfolded as a symphony of decadence. A spread of artisanal delights, from intricately crafted pastries to hand-piped confections, adorned the table. The wedding cake decorated with dried floral petals. The dessert buffet was not merely a treat for the taste buds; it was a visual feast, adding the perfect sweet note to a night already steeped in elegance and joy.

Unscripted Conversations: Beneath the Evening Sky

The open marquee design invited guests to engage in unhurried conversations. Mismatched seating added a touch of casual elegance, and as night fell, twinkling lights overhead transformed the space into an intimate haven.

This celebration was more than a wedding—it was a subtle tapestry of love and refinement. Every detail, from the chosen colors to the Poor Boys' melodic backdrop, converged to craft an indelible memory against the backdrop of the estate's beauty. The night whispered of love, laughter, and the simple elegance of a summer garden marquee affair.


Marquee : @mjmmarquees
Photographer: @kyrstinhealyweddings
Wedding Planner & Rentals:@infusionweddings
Videographer: @michaelblackwedding
Floral Design: @cacaslev
Catering: @lovefoodjcc
Stationery: @twolittlewordsdesigns
Wedding Cake & Dessert Buffet:
Charger Plates: @signature_rentals
Vintage Plates: @theparloureventhire
Make-up Stylist: @jennifergreenmakeupartist
Ceremony Music:
Wedding Band : @the_poorboys_weddingband 


Can't recommend Sandra enough! She was an absolute pleasure to work with and made our day so special! She took the pressure off and let us enjoy our day which we did thoroughly! Thanks again Sandra!

Alex and Weronika

"Can't recommend Sandra enough"



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