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A Modern Retro Delight: Liz and James' Dublin City Wedding at Dublin City Hall and Fallon & Byrne

Dublin, with its cobblestone streets and historic charm, has always been a popular choice for couples seeking a unique and romantic wedding destination. Liz and James, a couple with a flair for style and a love for the modern retro aesthetic, chose Dublin as the backdrop for their unforgettable city wedding.

Dublin City Wedding - The Perfect Setting
Dublin City Hall, an architectural gem in the heart of the city, served as the perfect venue for Liz and James' modern retro wedding. The combination of classic elegance and contemporary vibes was exactly what they had in mind. The grandeur of Dublin City Hall, with its stunning architecture and rich history, set the stage for a day filled with love and celebration.

Modern Retro Vibes
The theme for Liz and James' wedding was 'Modern Retro,' and it was a true visual delight. The color palette of mustard, pink, and light orange added a vibrant and playful touch to the entire affair. From the bridesmaids' dresses to the groom's boutonniere, every detail was carefully curated to embody this chic and trendy style.

Liz, the beautiful bride, looked absolutely radiant in her gown that seamlessly blended classic elegance with a modern twist. 

The Fallon & Byrne Experience
After the heartfelt ceremony at Dublin City Hall, the newlyweds and their guests headed to Fallon & Byrne, a renowned restaurant and food emporium in the heart of Dublin. Here, the celebration continued with a sumptuous menu. From creatively crafted cocktails to vintage-inspired desserts, every bite was a delightful fusion of past and present, perfectly complementing the modern retro theme.

The Real Magic

But beyond the stylish decor and delectable cuisine, the real magic of Liz and James' wedding was the love they shared. Their laughter, their tears, and the way they gazed at each other throughout the day were a testament to their deep connection.

In conclusion, Liz and James' Dublin City wedding was a modern retro masterpiece. The fusion of classic elegance, contemporary vibes, and the rich history of Dublin City Hall created an unforgettable day filled with love and joy. Fallon & Byrne added the perfect touch of vintage-inspired charm to the celebration, making it a truly unique and memorable wedding experience.



Ceremony Venue @cityhalldublin
Reception Venue @fallonandbyrne
Wedding Coordinator & Rentals @infusionweddings
Photographer @olgahoganphotography
Videographer @makemydayproductions1975
Floral designer @bloomingamazingflowercompany
Celebrant @shonaweymeshaicelebrant
Hair Stylist @nadinewalshe_hair
Make-up @paula_callan_makeup
Wedding Band @fallenempiredublin
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As a former wedding planner, finding the "right" wedding planner for our big day was extremely important. I can hands down say that there was no better company than Infusion Wedding Concepts. Sandra puts her clients first, is extremely responsive, and has an eye for design like I've never seen before. From last minute reception venue changes, to working with many vendors, Sandra is adaptable and attentive, and ensured that my now husband and I could enjoy our entire day without having to think twice about coordination. I wouldn't recommend anyone else; Sandra is incredible.

- Liz & James

"As a former wedding planner finding the "right"" wedding planner was extremely important.



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