Modern Romance 

A Fairytale Unveiled at Castlemartyr Resort

In the heart of Ireland, at the breathtaking Castlemartyr Resort, Nick and Briana from Texas embarked on a fairytale wedding. Their celebration seamlessly blended the historic charm of the venue with the modern romance of the couple. The enchanting color scheme of white and sage green, adorned with delicate floral arrangements of baby's breath, created an ethereal atmosphere that left everyone in awe.

Capturing Timeless Moments with Sarah Kate Murphy Photography

The magic of the day was meticulously captured by the lens of the talented Sarah Kate Murphy. Her photography skillfully immortalized the romantic ambiance, from the lush greenery to the delicate baby's breath scattered throughout the venue. Each photo told a story, revealing the love and elegance that characterized Nick and Briana's special day.

A Ceremony of Elegance and Love

The ceremony unfolded against the beautiful water fountain in. Nick and Briana exchanged vows beneath an arch adorned with white roses and intertwined with the delicate blooms of baby's breath. This picturesque scene not only celebrated their union but also encapsulated the essence of the chosen color palette and floral design.

Unveiling the Details: A Symphony of White and Sage

Every detail of the wedding spoke to Nick and Briana's commitment to creating an unforgettable experience. The reception hall, bathed in the soft glow of sage green accents and pristine white linens, became a haven of celebration. Tables adorned with flower clouds of baby's breath and subtle hints of sage greenery added a touch of nature's beauty to the atmosphere.

As the evening unfolded,  the beats and light created an amazing dancing atmosphere.

In the enchanting realm of Castlemartyr Resort, Nick and Briana's real wedding, captured through the lens of Sarah Kate Murphy, was a timeless narrative of love. The fusion of a breathtaking venue, masterful photography, a heartfelt ceremony, and meticulous wedding details, all steeped in the color scheme of white and sage green with delicate baby's breath accents, resulted in an experience that transcended the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who attended.


Venue : @castlemartyrresort
Photographer: @sarahkatemurphyphotography
Videographer: @odicci_films
Wedding Coordinator & Stylist:@infusionweddings
Floral Design:@jillwildflower
Cake Design: @bakerboycakes
Invite Design: @caseymcgrawdesign
On-the-Day Stationery: @blossominkstudio
Hair Stylist: & @upstylejunkie
Make-up Stylist: @rebeccaodonovan_makeup
Wedding DJ : @djbmdmusic
Cocktail Topper : @bumblebeecocktailtoppers
Ceremony & Drinks Reception : @claireheffernanweddingmusic


Planning a wedding in Ireland coming from the US was a very daunting task, but Sandra made it as easy and stress free as possible by being detail oriented, flexible, and understanding our vision for our special day. The end result was absolutely gorgeous, and if we were to plan again we would not change a thing. Thank you so much Sandra & Infusion for making our wedding unforgettable!

Brianna & Nick

"Sandra made it as easy and stress-free as possible.."

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