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10 Unique Wedding Design Ideas to Wow Your Wedding Guests

Planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if you want to throw a memorable celebration for crowning your love. Oftentimes, couples go blank because they lack ideas for making their wedding design unique and genuinely personal. The secret behind unforgettable wedding days lies in small details that no one expects. 

Since I know how difficult it can be to plan a celebration that will amaze your guests, I have selected ten unique wedding design ideas that might ease up the process. They can help you transform your wedding into an iconic day that everyone will remember!

Take song requests through your RVSP 

You have been to weddings before, and you are aware that song requests are quite common. Guests fancy listening and dancing to their favourite songs on such joyful occasions. However, song requests can easily disrupt the concept of your wedding and might not fit the mood of the reception. 

Giving your guests the chance to request a song through their invitation is a remarkable way to keep them satisfied while maintaining flawless organisation. Although this is an all-about-you day, you will still want your guests to feel amused as they celebrate your marriage. Giving them the opportunity to choose a song that will put your wedding in the spotlight!

You can use your RSVPs and include a catchy phrase, such as “Please request a song, so we can dance all night long!”. This will spice up your celebration and create an organised reception concept that will not be disturbed at any point!

Invitation suite by Last colour Down
Image by Eva Blake Photography

Create a custom logo/monogram

One of the most unique wedding design ideas is opting for a personalized logo or monogram, which you can include on your website or wedding stationery. Believe it or not, logos are epic in weddings, and they add a cohesive and personal touch to your celebration. A symbol that represents you and your partner can elevate the wedding experience and make everything around you and your guests special. 

A logo or a monogram can be designed in many different ways so it becomes a reflection of you and your partner’s personalities. It is a magnificent way to commemorate your big day and add an astonishing level of creativity to your celebration. 

Colourful neon signs

Neon signs have recently become favourites among the abundance of wedding planning ideas. Adding a neon sign to your theme can be a real hit, not only as a bridal decor, but also as a ceremony backdrop for photo booths. Just imagine your initials in neon lights and you will understand what I am talking about!

Your wedding photographs will definitely reach a distinguishable degree of greatness, and you will create an original ambience for your reception. If you cannot come up with unique wedding design ideas, consider including neon lights. They will not let you down! 

Delightful wedding food ideas
Image by Yvonne Keane Photography

Enjoy local specialities

Choosing the food for your reception can get you quite overwhelmed considering that you have seen the classic dishes at numerous weddings a hundred times. If you are striving for uniqueness, then think about incorporating local specialities for your reception. First, it will be a good change from what your guests expect, and second, a different food setup will give an extraordinary look to the ambience. 

Setting up a local oyster truck is one example of original wedding planning ideas. How often do you see food trucks at weddings? Allow yourselves to be one of those couples who always add unexpected details that can surprise everyone! 

A coffee table book to act as a guest book

If you want to leave your guests in awe, then use your favourite coffee table book as a guest book. This is a personal detail that you will later keep on display at your home. Plus, it will allow your guests to become a part of your world. 

Coffee table books are great because there is always one for every taste – starting from design lovers to hiking enthusiasts. Moreover, you can adjust it to match your wedding setting. 

Family recipes for dessert tables

There is nothing more original and personal than including family recipes for dessert tables. Everyone is familiar with the classic desserts served at a wedding or a similar event. But, how often do you see homemade desserts on such an occasion?

You can make your desserts even more special by including cute signs that will carry the names of the recipes. Who would not be tempted to try Aunt Mary’s Apple Pie? 

Table names that represent you as a couple 

This is a hit among wedding planning ideas, and personally, one of my favourites. Adding special names to your table can make your big day quite extraordinary, and your guests will definitely be amused. Instead of numbering your tables, think of something that expresses your mutual interests, hobbies, or feelings. 

You can include titles of your favourite books or movies, names of cities, bands, authors, or songs. One exceptional example is to include your Firsts as table names, such as First date, First kiss, First trip, and so on. This will intrigue your guests and prompt them to find out more about you during the reception. 

Modern bride sitting at table
Image by Kyrstin Healy Photography

Have a wedding illustrator 

Do you want to give your guests memorable gifts from your wedding? Then consider having a wedding illustrator that will create colourful portraits of all of your family and friends. Include some fun in your bridal celebration and give your guests a gift that will stay! 

Spectacular wedding couple exit

You may pay special attention to your grand entrance, but do not forget that wedding exits are as important. Think of having a fascinating exit on a motorbike or in a vintage car.

If you want to take the couple’s exit to the next level, then you may perform it on a boat. Nonetheless, for this to work out, you will need to have a venue that is close to a port or a coast.

Choose unique glassware

When you cannot think of any unique wedding design ideas that will work for you, centre your focus on the smaller things that make up your reception setting. You can always make distinguishable changes to your tables, and it may be a good idea to start from the glassware. 

You can add vintage or mix-and-match glassware. Another idea is to use multiple colours of glasses, and turn your tables into vivid eye-catching setups. 

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Modern wedding table
Image by Yvonne Keane Photography

Don’t be afraid to make bold choices for your big day  

Remember that your wedding is your special day, so you are allowed to include details that will make you happy and separate you from the crowd. Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of extraordinariness to the celebration you will remember for the rest of your life! I hope that these unique wedding design ideas will help you think outside the box and persuade you to try something different for your celebration. 

If you need advice on the design of your wedding, feel free to get in touch here, and we will talk through every single detail of your big day.   

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