How to Put a Modern Tablescape Together

Your wedding reception is a celebration of love where you, your partner and all of your guests gather to feast. During such, your tablescape will be highlighted and should best represent you both as a couple. I highly recommend considering a modern tablescape for your special day which enhances colour and textures. 

As a Dublin wedding stylist, I find it fascinating how effortless yet elegant a modern style can be. From using alternative patterns to innovative designs, here’s how to create the perfect tablescape for your big day.

Combine Different Colours and Patterns

You don’t have to stick to a monotonous look to create an elegant statement. Use colourful linen, runners and textiles of your preference to craft a vibrant tablescape. You can use a coloured or patterned napkin, or simply a napkin fold. If you’re into neutrals and minimalist style, you can easily integrate subtle patterns and tones. You can find inspiration online on combining different colours and patterns to elevate your tablescape to the next level.


Use Contrasting Wedding Florals

Your reception table setting wouldn’t be complete without floral arrangements. Floral centrepieces instantly magnify the style and theme you are aiming for. You can have it on tall mid-century vases, bud vases or Gaia’s to make it unique. It adds a pleasant aesthetic and a wonderful element to your decor. It is essential to emphasise your choice of florals through your colour scheme, texture and movement. Always go with florals which are in season.

More often than not, as a Dublin wedding stylist, I would choose modern wedding centrepieces to accentuate a monochromatic look. Give your florals a pop of colour to brighten and provide a surprise factor.

Enhance Your Décor with the Best Lighting

Lighting sets the mood of your reception, and although the best ones can be seen outdoors, we can’t get that natural lighting everywhere. To create the perfect ambience, the use of artificial lighting will provide just the right amount of illumination to your décor. For a warm and romantic look, add candles to your modern tablescape. You can use coloured candles and put them in a contemporary candle holder to create that cosy atmosphere, seamlessly adding another element to your tablescape. I just love taper candles.

Check out Esther & Eric or Candleflair

Play with texture for a dynamic look

Textures add interest when done right. From your table runners to artisan stationery to your linens and floral design, everything has a texture that you can play with to create an upscale look. Combine different textures for a more cohesive and elevated aesthetic. Take into consideration the shape of your chairs and tables to balance everything. Incorporating all of this will make your modern tablescape look so much more dynamic.


Don’t Forget To Embellish Your Dinnerware

Your plates, glasses, spoons and forks ideally should complete the entire look of your tablescape. With them being out-of-place, that fact alone could break the styling you are aiming for. Don’t forget to style them! You could opt for a more classic look for your glassware if you want to keep it subtle. However, if you’re going to take it up a notch, you can use coloured goblets instead. Match them with silver or gold cutlery and some charger plates for that contemporary ensemble.

Give modern tablescape a try to turn your reception into more than just a gastronomic feast, but a pleasant treat to the eyes as well. You may look at the different wedding styles to know more about which one fits your celebration the most!

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