Coordinator, Wedding Planner, and Stylist?

So, you and your fiancé are about to tie the knot. First of all, congratulations! I’m sure you are looking for just the right person to help you bring your bridal vision to life! But do you know where to start? Do you know who to call? I get it — arranging a wedding isn’t a walk in the park. Well, my best advice is for you to gen up on the words you need to understand when it comes to searching for a wedding planner in Ireland. There are three important terms whose definition you need to understand when planning and those are: a wedding coordinator, a wedding planner, and a wedding stylist. What’s exactly the difference between them ?

1. Wedding Planner

You will need someone to guide you in the process — a person seasoned in every aspect of the wedding, someone who is experienced and credentials. A wedding planner is a passionate person who directly engages with you and your future spouse and guides you all the way — from start to finish. She/He needs to know your preferences and overall vision of the event.

He/She will attend all vendor meetings (you just might find a friend in her since you’ll be spending a lot of time together). He/She will create all-inclusive timelines and floor plans, help you find the best venue and vendors. Of course, she will help negotiate contracts, menu tastings, and site tours. Your wedding planner in Ireland is your chief-of-staff; she’s got your back.

Your wedding planner will act as an agent between you and the venue and make sure you stay within your budget (I’d say that’s a must; getting married can easily go haywire budget-wise if she doesn’t keep it in check). More importantly, she will be onsite on your wedding day, to make sure your expectations are met. He/She isn’t going to leave you behind; she will be there with you every step of the way and ensures that you will have the most magical day.

2. Venue Coordinator 

You will need someone to arrange things for you at the venue — this is the wedding coordinator. He/She works with the venue’s sales and catering team. Therefore, he/she is employed by the venue, not you. This person is your go-to person at the reception venue.

Your wedding coordinator is involved from the first viewing of the venue up to your big day itself. He/She makes sure that the setup, the schedule framework of the program are on point and particular vendors arrive at the venue on time. He/She facilitates the flow of guests and makes sure the event runs smoothly. Should there be missing elements or last-minute issues at the venue, she will guarantee they are addressed accordingly. 

Most of the wedding planners in Ireland and worldwide offer one month co-ordination packages. You have done all the planning work but want to relax the last month before your wedding. The planner will take over the correspondence with your wedding vendors, finishing the timeline and will co-ordinate your celebration on the day. They will focus entirely on your bespoke celebration where venue co-ordinators could be busy at various events or not working hands-on at celebrations.

3. Wedding Stylist

You want your wedding to be as stylish as possible, and for that, you will need a wedding stylist in Ireland. He/She is involved in aesthetics only and is not going to be there for contract negotiations or attending appointments. 

Think of your wedding stylist as your architect. He/she creates wedding design concept and specializes in design — from the floor plan and lighting to flowers, and attire. He/she helps you make your event cohesive, classy, and flawless.

Do you need help organizing your dream wedding? If you want to see the differences between a wedding planner, wedding coordinator, and a wedding stylist, check out my packages here.

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