It is one of the most exciting periods of your life! You’ve thought, even dreamed about it; and now that has become a reality: you are engaged! Until the realization settles, and you fully embrace what is to follow, in the beginning, any thoughts of wedding planning might feel slightly overwhelming… and that is completely natural! The only thing to do at that moment is to get your priorities organized and focus on defining your unique wedding vision. After having that sorted, everything will feel quite straightforward, I promise you!

As a wedding planner in Ireland, my sincere wish is to at least unload some of your burdens and guide you through this process. But first, let us go through several key points that are to be taken into consideration:

1. Work as a Team

You are to be married so you both need to be equally involved unless agreed upon differently. This will also be an amazing opportunity for you as a couple to plan things and exercise working together as a team – what marriage is all about! Think of it as a prequel to the next chapter that is about to begin. Decide on what you like and dislike, and after that is out of the way, it is time for the next step.

2. Season and Location

The season can partially dictate the mood of your wedding vision, so it is important to think about what kind of weather you envision and where. Do you have a place that you both cherish? A dream destination maybe?

3. Celebration & Reception

The type of celebration in terms of the number of guests will also be an essential guiding point. It will determine other aspects such as the reception venue, and provide you both liberty and some restrictions in line with your wedding budget.


4. Wedding Theme

I believe this is what first comes to mind when contemplating the wedding vision. The countless online photos of inspiration nowadays have opened a portal towards creative imagination so sometimes it feels impossible to choose. If you feel stuck and hesitant, dive deep inside your essence and analyze both of your styles. Start by observing your home, preferences, and way of life.

More on how to pick your wedding theme here….

5. Favourite Colours

While you are analyzing your style, you will notice that certain colours are dominant. Heed to the ones you are attracted to. Whether they are calm or vibrant, the tones that are part of you will also be a part of your bespoke wedding celebration.

6. Budget

At times, this subject might be unpleasant, but the budget plays a good part in the curation of your wedding vision. As a wedding planner, I can work wonders by shifting the vision beyond the financial budget, but still, it is good to know if certain boundaries exist. On the positive side, that realization will get some of your priorities in order.

7. Mood

I always ask my couple how they want to feel at their wedding and what mood and atmosphere they want to create. Think about what you want your guests to experience and which tasteful and cultural celebration you want to create.

If you want some help to get clarity about your wedding vision, get in touch here.

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