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Micro Weddings – can this new trend turn Irish weddings around?

I’m sure you’ve heard and read about the new trend of micro weddings shaking up the market. Of course, one reason is COVID-19, another one is the simple fact that planning a large scale wedding is a huge undertaking and financial investment. This leaves some modern couples thinking if a big wedding is  really worth it.

Definition Micro wedding: 

Micro weddings are an intimate affair with anything from 10-50 guests. The whole celebration is about the guest experience and representing the couple’s values and story. 

At the time of writing Dublin is in stage 2 and numbers for weddings have dropped to 25 guests in line with current restrictions. A typical Irish wedding will have 100-200 people on their guest list. Couples are left with uncertainty at this time, which can be very stressful. A  change in mindset is needed if you don’t want to postpone your wedding. But it’s not over yet, small weddings can be just as  amazing! 

As a first step, I recommend opening a nice bottle of wine and then having an honest and open chat about your wedding day vision and priorities.   Micro weddings are giving us the opportunity to take care of the details and create an amazing celebration for couples and guests likewise. If you are not into traditional weddings this is your chance to plan a celebration that is super personal to you. 

Modern Wedding Styling

Let’s explore this more:

1.   Location and Space

Suddenly you are open to unique venues which are inaccessible for large weddings. Museum, theatres, country houses and restaurants have smaller function rooms which work well for intimate wedding parties. And if the room is a little large, we can use draping or a divider to section off parts of a  room.

But space is the key to socially safe weddings. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, they’re are just 6 people allowed on a table, so we do require more space for an intimate wedding dinner.

Recommended venues are Cliffhouse Hotel, Medley Restaurant, Urban & Brewing and Stack a Restaurant, NO 25, Marco & Pierre White. To get more inspiration for picking the right venue check out my other Blogpost about  “Hotel weddings – yay or nay ?”.

Wedding Pro-Tip: If you like a long table for parties between 10-12 people have just a visual break between the tables to comply with current restrictions.

Stylish Wedding in Ireland

2.   Guest List

This is the more difficult part: Who gets invited to your wedding celebration? Because micro weddings are much more intimate it gives you the opportunity to invite your most favourite people like closest family & dearest friends and have a stylish bespoke celebration.  To be clear, who do you really remember talking to at the last wedding you attended? I would say just a handful of people…

And don’t forget people do understand or are restricted due to travel anyway.

3.   Décor & Styling

I know you’ve been dreaming about that Pinterest wedding  since you started your planning. But this editorial look is not as achievable with large numbers and crowded tables. Great news!! A micro wedding gives you the chance to spend all your attention on the detail with a focus on abundant flowers and candles. You can give your styling the wow factor you’ve always dreamed of and can be as creative as you want. 

Check out my service packages here to collaborate with a destination wedding planner in Ireland.

4. Lightening

The right lighting can really enhance the ambiance of any celebration. For more intimate wedding experiences I would recommend lots of candle lights, fairy lights, and uplighter to show certain features in the venue. You will create an amazing atmosphere to spend the best day of your life with your loved ones.

5.   Food & Beverage

By heart, you are a foodie and love dining out at the weekends. Food is very social and plays an important role in your life. An intimate celebration is a perfect platform to treat your guests to an amazing culinary experience.

Read more about 10 unique wedding food ideas here.

Why not upgrade to a 6-course tasting menu with exclusive wines? You can be assured that you will be treated with exquisite service from attentive staff during your dinner.

Don’t forget to order a luxury wedding cake. Vendors are cooperative and are happy to cater for small parties as well. 

Wedding Planning

6.   Entertainment & Music

Music is just as important for a micro wedding as it is for a large-scale event. You could have gorgeous background music or still play some dance tunes. It would add to an amazing atmosphere.

A carefully planned and curated micro wedding can be just as stylish or more stylish than a bigger wedding and the more intimate atmosphere enables you to spend more time with your guests and experience this once in a lifetime moment to its fullest. 

I have spoken to couples who have downsized their wedding due to COVID 19. They were planning to have a bigger wedding next year but mentioned now they couldn’t top what they have experienced with a more intimate celebration.

Would you like to know more about micro weddings? Get in touch here

Stylish Wedding in Ireland

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