Even if you have months to prepare for your big day, you must start early to plan and organize your wedding celebration. However, it can be difficult to decide which theme works best for you and your partner to represent your story. The more you check Pinterest or wedding magazines for styles and inspirations, the more confused you become. Fret not. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right wedding theme for you.

1. Discuss and brainstorm

The big day is about you two uniting as one. Therefore, it should center around things that matter to both of you. Think of a special date, place, or interest you share. What are your personalities like? Are you laid-back, preppy, classy, adventurous, or funny? Do you have certain favorites such as movies, books, music, or art?

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Stylish Wedding in Ireland

2. Size of your celebration

Firstly, do you plan to have an intimate wedding, or do you want to celebrate the big day with a long guest list? Do you want a small elopement or a big church wedding? Or maybe you want to skip that and have a chic and simple city hall wedding.

3. Consider the date and season

The season has an impact on the possibility to have the celebration indoors or outdoors (for Ireland have always a back-up plan ), the seasonality of flowers, and your menu options. So get your priorities right before you pick a date.

4. Check out potential locations

Think of potential venues after you decide on the date and size of your celebration. Do you plan to have the ceremony and reception in different locations or not? Do you plan to have it indoors or outdoors? Or maybe you want a destination wedding? If you want to read more about hotel venues read on here…

Stylish Wedding in Ireland

5. Formal & Informal?

Depending on how formal you imagine your wedding would be, this dictates the type of wedding theme that will suit you, from the dress code to the decor. Although there is still a lot of traditional weddings going on, a more relaxed style has taken over the wedding community.

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6. Keep in mind your budget

Always stay realistic and conceptualize your wedding within your budget. It is also wise to build potential budget scenarios for different themes and always have a wedding calculator.

7. Think Colours

Pick your favorite hues and balance them with those that complement the location and season. You may also choose timeless colours and motifs that will never go out of style.

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8. Do your research

There are so many wedding themes out there that might confuse you. Understand the similarities and differences. This might even spark ideas for which themes you would like to combine.

No matter which wedding theme you pick, choose one that strongly resonates with both you and your partner. Don’t just follow a trend… own yours.

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Stylish Wedding in Ireland

8 Tips To Choose the Perfect Wedding Theme

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