How to style your Boho Chic wedding?

Planning your intimate wedding can be an overwhelming task — the wedding gown, the venue, the number of guests — but the job gets a whole lot easier once you have a theme in mind. A boho chic wedding is perfect for a free-spirited and stylish couple. But what is it really and how can I style one? Find out more here to design your dream bohemian wedding.

Definition defines “bohemian” as “a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts.” From this meaning, we can describe the nature, scope, and meaning of a bohemian or boho wedding. It is a non-conformist, unconventional type of wedding made for free-spirited couples. It is full of artistry, creativity, and flair.

If you have been doing some research, you probably have come to notice that most bohemian themes are inspired by the 1970s wave. Think about wildflowers, lush greens, flowing hair and fabrics, unstructured wedding dresses, natural headpieces, the additional spell of texture on the tables, earthy feel, and romance. These elements can be paired with elegant glassware, linen, and artisan stationery to create a celebration that feels authentic to you.

Now that we have defined a Boho chic wedding, let’s talk about how to style one.

Venues & Outdoor Locations

When you think about the atmosphere of your bohemian celebration, you should consider the location/venue. Since the idea is to reflect nature and its natural beauty, pick a venue that expresses that. Unique places like a cliff, garden, mountain area, and riverside are all perfect spots for adventurous couples to exchange vows and express their endless love for one another. Barn venues are a popular choice for your reception.

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Bohemian Arches

The most popular decoration for a boho wedding is an archway. This can be covered with macramé or floaty textiles. Add some pampas, wildflowers, greenery, or whatever you feel adds to the creativity of the arch and ensures a major wow effect. Amazing for cliff elopements are grounded floral arch with lots of greenery, pampas, and seasonal flower.

Boho Colour Scheme

Choose wedding colour palettes that capture the eclectic spirit, warmth, and natural elements of your event. A boho chic wedding can reflect the natural colours of autumn, which is magical in and of itself. Pumpkin orange, spicy rust tones, polished yellows, and earth tones paired with ivory can cozy up your big day! For a more elegant look stick with earthy tones and ivory.

Another colour scheme that is perfect for free-spirited couples includes taupe, peacock blue, papaya, dried eucalyptus, and sand. Be bold and colourful and infuse your celebration with shades you love in your interiors and fashion.

Stylish Bridal Fashion

Drawing from our definition of a bohemian wedding, your textured bridal gown should have lace overlays, true embroidery, and infuse the 60s or 70s style into it. These soft, textured details can loosen up the overall look of your dress and create an unconventional, non-formal wedding dress.

You can add bell sleeves or a flowing sheath silhouette. The gown should pay homage to the outdoors, as it is highlighted by floral accents or a touch of colour sewn throughout the design, i.e., blush, a sage, or powder blue.

You can also incorporate wedding dress separates, which are one of the hottest trends for brides seeking boho chic wedding dresses. A loose-fitting top and a flowing skirt should add flair to your style.

To complete the overall look, choose a lavish bridal bouquet that will include your wedding colours and will have a poetic touch to it. A play of textures, velvet ribbon, and different botanicals that incorporate pampas will look incredible to your bridal aesthetic!

Mizz Rio is a boho fashion designer for free-spirited brides in Dublin. Read here

Decorations & Florals

Your bohemian wedding is never going to be complete without bohemian decorations, which are an essential part of the basic idea of having a wedding event for free-spirited couples like you. Every detail should reflect your personality as a couple and as an individual. Same as the other aspects of the wedding, choose elements that focus on nature, such as wood, flowers, soft colors, modern glassware, candles, and hanging lights. These elements will create the right atmosphere for your wedding celebration.

Do not forget mismatched pieces, gold metals, and plenty of textures! You can add succulents to your soft-petaled arrangements or ruffled runners on your centerpieces. Pampas grass has been trending for a couple of years now, so you might want to infuse it into your decorations. You can welcome your guests into your reception space with large arrangements of pampas grass. Plus, these tall, wheat-colored grasses are quite easy to find, they often grow along riverbanks and cliffs sides. They have a soft, thin quality that adds texture to your bouquet or backdrop.

Artisan Stationery

The stationery design, especially the invitations will give your guests a taste of your unique styled wedding. When it comes to boho-chic design, think of artisan designs like arches and florals in muted colours that will be beautifully complemented with a rust-toned backer!

Beautiful Flower Crown

To accentuate your chic boho wedding style, wear a flower crown. While I mentioned earlier that bohemian weddings are all about being non-traditional and unconventional, you can add a touch of elegance to your style. You can pair a delicate flower crown with your soft, loose updo, which evokes a free-spirited nature.


Picnic-Style Reception

Since a boho-chic wedding is all about being eccentric, uncustomary, and bold; why not try a picnic-style reception? After choosing your venue, find out if there are any permits you need to acquire to ensure a stress-free reception. 

Your design should match your bohemian atmosphere, so choose the right tables, textiles, and decor that fit your style. Decide whether you’ll go with pallets or unusual wood — you can even go with no tables at all!

Wedding Cake

To wrap up your bohemian wedding, get a stunning cake that supports vivid colours. Same as your decorations, your cake should match your colour scheme. You can add dried flowers to be cohesive. Of course, it should be tasty, too! There are contemporary cake designs that free-spirited couples like you will definitely love.

Woodwork and Glassware

Concerning the furniture, think outside the box. Go for rustic, non-traditional pieces of woodwork, and you can mix and match your seating at the reception. Incorporate vintage couches and accent chairs into the purlieus of your event, and also peacock chairs that will add that special flair!

For glassware, go for amber-coloured tones. Clear glassware will add elegance to your table styling. You can’t go wrong with this hue!

Styling your boho chic wedding should be bespoke and stylish. Consider these tips and work with your wedding planner/stylist and pull off the bohemian event you have always dreamed of. Keep in mind that this is your day, so enjoy and have a blast!

If you want to find out more about Boho-chic weddings, contact me here, and let’s have a chat about it!

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