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How to perfectly store your wedding outfit

How to perfectly store your wedding outfits got suddenly a very important subject. Lots of couples were forced to postpone their wedding due to the pandemic? No doubt you have been busy reorganizing all your wedding vendors, changing to a new date, updating your entire guest list, and technically starting again, dealing with the aftermath of such an upheaval.

Now is the time to start thinking about smaller details and if you were a 2020 couple then no doubt your wedding dress and suit have been bought and here are some tips to help you think about storing them for your new date. First check in with your bridal boutique or bridal designer for any advice.

Your wedding has not been postponed for a few months, it could be a year so it is really important you know how to store your outfits properly as hanging them up in a wardrobe won’t be the best thing you can do.

1. How to hang your dress correctly

Hanging clothes for long periods of time will change the gorgeous shape of your dress, especially if it is a heavy outfit with beading and beautiful details. Don’t use a metal or inexpensive hanger invest in a padded hanger. Use the hanging ribbon to ensure the weight is balanced. Make sure your dress has plenty of space in your wardrobe.
If you can’t ask your wedding dress or suit retailer to store your outfits then it is important you take the time how to store them properly to keep them pristine.

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2. Flat storage preferred

Flat storage and a specific way of folding work well for wedding dresses as it distributes the weight resulting in fewer stress points. Think of your dress as a rug, rugs are stored rolled so the weight is distributed evenly.
By hanging a dress you are putting a lot of stress on the shoulders or shoulder straps which is why you should choose ideally flat storage.
The materials you use to store your outfits are critical too. It makes sense to invest in a storage box. You can find one here... Use then beautiful tissue paper and put in some lavender as a thoughtful touch.

3. Invest in breathable bags

If you are storing them in bags make sure they are breathable, not a plastic one given to you by the dress or suit supplier. Often dresses can become discoloured and yellow over time so when storing them make sure they can breathe and have air. Get your dress or suit out once a month to check it and leave it lying on the bed in a cool dark room to let it breathe. Don’t expose it to sunlight. Don’t put your dress in the attic or the basement, keep it in a room with a controlled temperature where there is no damp or harsh bright light.

4. Resist looking at your wedding dress daily

I know when you bought your dress you fell in love with it instantly and it’s very tempting to get it out. But keep in mind you don’t want to get tired of your dress or start to doubt your decision.

As well don’t handle the dress too much, skin oils can discolour the dress over time so use cotton gloves when handling it. Needless to say to keep small kids and pets away from your precious dress.

If you are worried about your dress speak to a professional dry cleaner, they can pack it for you using cotton sheets and towels to keep it evenly packed, the weight distribution, and ensure it is pristine when it is time for your new wedding date. I hope you find it helpful and your outfit will have its big day soon.

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