How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake for You — 5 Tips!

What’s a wedding without a flawless and stylish wedding cake, right? It’s one of the most symbolic elements in a wedding celebration. Couples believe it brings good luck as it represents a long-lasting, abundant, and happy marriage. So, if you are considering the perfect wedding cake for your event, I’ve got you covered. Here are five tips to bear in mind:

How to Pick a trusted cake designer.

If you want your dream wedding cake to become a reality, what better way to achieve this than by entrusting it to the hands of a qualified professional? Cake designers are experts at what they do: creating amazing confections! Sure, you can buy a cake from a large bakery that serves multiple venues — but your cake is going to be a generic one. On the other hand, hiring an individual designer means you will receive a personalized approach, so you get a bespoke cake tailored exactly to your requirements. As a wedding planner in Ireland, I am here to recommend unique wedding vendors.

Check out my vendor spotlight with Bella’s Baking here.

Compliment your wedding venue.

Your wedding cake has the potential to be even more effective if its design takes into account other elements of your big day, including the venue. It’s best if it matches your venue’s architecture and style so that it doesn’t look incongruous. For example, if your venue features a complex design, you may want to go with a cake with a minimalist aesthetic that highlights your venue’s colour palette. If you have a garden wedding, you could decorate a plain white cake with fondant foliage and wildflowers for a unique effect.


Go with your colour scheme and wedding theme.

Some of the first elements to decide on during your planning are your colour scheme and wedding theme. These choices will make it easier for you to make subsequent decisions, including those regarding the food and cake. Your wedding cake should match the mood of your event; for example, a classical or romantic wedding would benefit from a cake with three tiers or a simple one incorporating a strong design. A rustic wedding works well with a bare or naked cake — something that has minimal fondant or icing but is covered in fruits, leaves, or succulents.

Consider the details for your perfect wedding cake.

The particulars of your wedding cake should also be taken into account, including the size, tiers, servings, and whether you choose buttercream or fondant. A traditional design has three tiers, with each level having its own purpose. The bottom tier is for the ceremony, the middle tier for taking home, and the top tier is to be saved. If you’re serving your cake as part of the dinner, you need to be able to cut equal portions for each guest.

Consider your favourite flavours.

This is your wedding cake and you want it to taste as good as it looks, so to ensure it is perfect, opt for a cake tasting session! Let your designer know your favourite flavours and then sample them before the tasting itself. And don’t forget to share with them your vision for its overall aesthetic, too. A big trend for 2022 is to have unusual wedding flavors with a meaning like childhood memories or the first date.

I hope this answers all of your questions on how to choose the perfect wedding cake. If you need more wedding tips, have a look at our other blogposts.

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