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Vendor Spotlight – Colhoun Creations

This month’s vendor spotlight features Laura from Colhoun Creations. Laura started her cake business 2 years ago and has become wildly successful through viral reels and videos.

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Tell us about Colhoun Creations?

Colhoun Creations is a natural wedding cake bakery based in Dublin. We create very simple wedding and unique wedding cakes with all our inspiration coming from nature and a huge emphasis on local and Irish ingredients.

What led you to cake design?

I had studied baking in college and the love for wedding cake design stemmed from our internship year where I had an amazing mentor guide me through the whole wedding industry.

Infusion- wedding-planner -Laura-Colhoun-Creations
Photography by Annie

What keeps you passionate about events and weddings?

That not one wedding cake or design is the same. Every couple has unique ideas and keeps the passion and creativity going.

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How long have you been in business?

I have been in business for just over 2 years now.

Where do you find inspiration?

Mostly nature, but also looking at new trends in fashion and interior design.

What should couples know before hiring a cake designer?

To get booked in sooner rather than later as wedding cakes take longer to design than a regular celebration cake.

Colhoun creations
Image by The Los

What sets you apart in your field?

The personal touch I have with my couples, not many cake designers sit down for an in-person cake tasting with their clients, but it is a really important part of my business to fully grasp the idea of a couple and to get to know them personally as well.

What common mistakes do you see couples making?

Picking cakes that are too large for their wedding, just for the look of a big cake, and end up having a lot of wasted cake and money at the end.

What’s your best advice for couples planning a wedding?

Book a later wedding ceremony and enjoy and relax during the morning.

What’s the most memorable event/wedding you have ever worked on?

I would say making my brother’s wedding cake. I got free reign on design and ideas and It was the first family wedding I was able to create a cake for so it was extremely special!

Colhoun Creations
Image by Lucy Nzum Photography

Outside of Colhoun Creations, tell us about yourself?

Outside of work I am someone who spends her time by the coast, you’ll find me sea swimming throughout the year rain or sun!

Where can we find you? ( Web-site, Instagram )

You’ll find me mostly on Instagram and Tiktok.

Instagram: @colhouncreations


If you want to chat about your unique wedding celebration, get in touch here.

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