How to Pick Wedding Colours for Your Stylish Celebration

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important events of your life and rightfully so! It is the culmination of the love you are sharing with the person you adore. Therefore, the entire celebration should reflect your personality, and one of the easiest yet most important things you have to do is to pick your wedding colours.

Here are handy tips you can follow to make your choice a breeze.

Set the tone of the mood

When planning your wedding celebration, you want your mood and tone to be consistent. Therefore, it is critical to define your wedding vision and determine the overall atmosphere of your big day. Having this factor set beforehand will help you select the right colour palette. 

Pick a colour that enhances the venue

To wisely pick your wedding colours, you have to consider the venue. You want to make sure the hues you select are conducive to the place where you and your significant other will say your “I do’s.” Choose a blank venue, which will give you the freedom to decide on what colours you should take. Consider the surroundings, the decor of the venue, and even the carpeting.

If you want to create a natural, effortless blend of the place and your event’s mood, you can check out the venues of the month to give you an idea.


Choose a colour that you love

This day is all about the two of you, so it’s okay to be a little selfish! Therefore, go ahead and choose your favourite colour — the tincture that means something to you and your love. Taking your clothes into consideration, you can include at least one of your attire colours at your event, especially hues that you find flattering. Think of a contemporary colour scheme that you and your fiancé will agree on.

Define your wedding theme

Determining your wedding theme can help you easily pick your wedding colours. For example, if your wedding is laid-back bohemian-inspired, choosing a muted neutral colour palette will help you pull it off. Warm shades of ivory, cream, and beige can create a mellow atmosphere that feels welcoming and on-trend. 

Consider the seasons

While you don’t have to decide on your hues according to the season, there can be something beautiful about using seasonal colours for your event. Just like seasons, some wedding colours are appropriate for specific styles. For instance, a winter nuptial might highlight a contemporary colour scheme of dark red or rich green, while a fall wedding might look like the same colours of the leaves falling off the trees during autumn.

Take inspiration from the colour wheel

Have you considered using the colour wheel to pick your wedding colours? Well, you may find this simple tool to be very helpful. Typically, colours that are opposite will work together. In a perfect world, pair a vibrant colour with 1-2 neutral colours and add a metallic for contrast.

Get inspired by social media

You can always head over to Pinterest and Instagram and find many inspiring colour schemes that will aspire you to curate your wedding palette! Make a board on Pinterest and store all of your appealing tones, in time, you will see which hues draw you more than others.

I hope you found this short guide helpful. Picking out your colours suddenly doesn’t feel so difficult, right?

With a little research and some creativity, you’re going to do just splendidly! Got any questions? Get in touch here to have a relaxed chat about your wedding.

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