Hotel Wedding – Advantages

45% of Irish couples chose a hotel venue for their wedding celebration in 2019. But there is a trend for non-traditional couples to have a bespoke contemporary wedding and pick an alternative location. The perfect venue will dictate your style and help you to curate a unique experience for you and your guests. That’s why picking the ideal venue is right on the start of your wedding to-do list. Your guest numbers and style vision will limit your choices and will narrow down your selection. Lots of different venues have entered the wedding market and offer celebrations for confident couples. We are talking barn locations, restaurants, country houses or city attractions. To pick the right one for your occasion you should ask yourself a few questions beforehand:  

How do you imagine your unique wedding celebration?

What is important to you? Convenience, style, trust, or freedom…

Read more about how to define your wedding vision here.

But before we think of alternative venues let’s have a look at the advantages of the popular hotel wedding in Ireland.


Hotels are holding many weddings in a year and it is a very trusted and recommended option. The in-house staff is very experienced and knows exactly what they are doing in executing your celebration seamlessly. As a bonus, they provide an in-house wedding coordinator who gives you peace of mind on the day.


Usually, Hotel venues are very well looked after especially for their holiday trade. The appearance is clean and pleasant. Most venues have wedding décor available to couples like chair covers, linen, and vases. Because you must consider the venue for your wedding theme you can take inspiration from the existing décor and create a colour & style scheme according to it. 

Unique Wedding Venues in Ireland


The biggest advantage to choosing a hotel venue is the convenience to have everything under one roof. Most hotels are approved to hold your ceremony in-house, moving on to the reception in the garden, dinner in the ballroom and accommodation is just upstairs. 

There are plenty of facilities like toilets, hotel bar, outdoor area and different room and seating possibilities.

This makes planning so much easier especially if you have oversea guests.


Hotels usually have tiered wedding packages to choose from. This results in an easy and convenient booking process. As well it’s great for budgeting because it gives you a precise idea of your cost per head.


The catering has usually a good reputation and they are well used to cater for large functions. They have a seasonal menu with fresh ingredients and let you choose from different options according to the wedding packages.  It saves you time attending lots of menu tastings.

Hotel Wedding – Disadvantages


Especially in the summertime, you could share the venue with other wedding parties. Check beforehand with the hotel what’s their policy regarding multiple celebrations. Would that mean your wedding coordinator will look after more weddings as well? 

Table Styling for an Irish Wedding


Because you must work with the hotel interiors you don’t have the freedom to style the venue according to your vision. Consider existing colours when you pick your wedding theme


Because hotels are such a popular wedding venue, they are lacking the uniqueness which you may be looking for. It could be all very restricted. There are standard wedding packages and all celebrations seem to look the same. 


Hotels are usually recommending their trusted supplier. There could be less freedom in choosing a different style of food. Or you can’t choose this local florist you admire on Instagram for your stylish wedding flowers.

Hotels are generally lacking uniqueness and coming with limitations to create a bespoke wedding celebration. The décor is generally old-fashioned and doesn’t support a contemporary wedding theme which could truly represent you as a couple.

Hotel venues are usually less memorable because they are using the same template for every wedding.

Do you remember the last hotel wedding you have been? What did stand out for you? Or was it just the same old, same new….

To give you an idea of what could be alternative venues check out my selection of Venue of the month and start your research today. 

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