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How to elevate your wedding vision

You know that feeling when you are excited about something so much that you end up being overwhelmed? Creating a wedding vision and wedding planning certainly falls under that category. Inspiration keeps popping all over Pinterest and at the end of the day, your mind feels like it is overflowing with ideas only to be left with the basics. You need something different, something that will be infused with your unique personality. But how to curate a cohesive and authentic vision of your wedding aesthetic?

Put aside your anxiety, turn on some relaxing music, and let’s unwind together from all the stress with my 6 tips that will certainly help you to elevate your wedding vision.

1. Determine the wedding mood

Ask yourself, how do you want to feel on your wedding day? Do you wish your wedding to be classy and formal or relaxed and informal? It’s so important to determine your feelings and create a celebration that is authentic to you. And it’s the first step to elevate your wedding vision. Note down words that come to your mind when thinking about your wedding.

Once you have your foundation, it is time to think about the dining experience – imagine yourself like a guest in your wedding vision, what would you like to see, what is on the menu, tableware, floral centerpieces? You don’t want your wedding to be quiet so contemplate about what kind of music or entertainment would you like to enjoy? Think outside the box, basically be a jack of all trades when envisioning everything down to the last detail. In the meantime, if you think of some creative personalized ideas about certain details – write them down!

2. Choose your wedding venue

Now that you have some things sorted, let’s choose the venue. Don’t be afraid to walk beyond the conventional line, if you are not into hotel weddings – that is perfectly fine! There are so many enchanting venues like contemporary restaurants, opulent private estates, museums, and even charming mills. Reach out to an Ireland wedding planner to learn about hidden gems that might be just the perfect choice to adorn your wedding day vision.

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3.Activate your 5 senses

Cook your favourite meal, let go of all the overwhelming thoughts and pour yourself a glass of your favourite drink. Put on your preferred music and immerse into your own essence. Try to enhance all of your senses, light some candles, observe textures, colours, think about your favourite flowers too. This is an efficient way to explore your style and distinct taste, but it will also be one of the guiding points that will help you with the wedding planning vision board. Think about your unique hobbies, special destinations, favourite cocktails; every story connected to you is bound to find its place in your wedding day vision.

4. Focus on one statement piece

Simply, do not overdo it. Instead of creating a cacophony of different details, invest in one grand piece to make an impactful effect. One of the popular choices is creating a dreamy floral installation over the head table and a 5-course tasting menu. A charming touch that would surely captivate guests is a food truck for evening food. It is your wedding vision, so let your imagination fly in the direction of all stylish ideas that are appealing to you!

5. Colour palette

Analyze your style, which colours do you incorporate in your interior or wardrobe? Choose one main favourite colour, 1-2 secondary tones, and a metallic for chic accenting. The chosen palette will narrate the styling of the flowers, stationery, bridesmaids’ dresses, the table linen to set the base for a cohesive look. Add these colours to your wedding planning vision board to keep you on track. My favourite tools for creating vision boards are Pinterest and Canva.

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6. Table Styling

Wow, your guests with bold textures and different heights! I will share a few of my favorites that are sure to elevate any table game: linen, runner, coloured glassware, candleholders, taper candles, and gorgeous artisan stationery! As an Ireland wedding planner, I have had a long experience with weddings, and I can safely say that these details will set the tone for your bespoke reception.

As a wedding planner in Ireland, I have vast knowledge and experience in weddings, so if you are planning one, be sure to check out my blog and do not hesitate to reach out !

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