How to Create a Wedding Mood Board

You’re getting married, congratulations! This is definitely an exciting time for you, but to make sure everything flows smoothly, you need to be clear about your wedding vision. Some of the first things you are going to determine are the style, theme, and colours of your big day. And the easiest way to communicate your wedding design is by having a mood board.

Mood board Definition

A mood board is a kind of collage inspiration that helps define and design your special day. By using this board, you can collect all the elements that inspire you, including ideas, colours, sketches, and materials. These elements are necessary to create an inspirational colour palette on which you will design the wedding celebration. I like to mix up my colour palette with 3 base colours and 3 textures. A mood board will help you refine ideas and define your theme. 

Furthermore, using a mood board will help you communicate your vision to different wedding vendors ranging from caterers, designers, florists, photographers, and others. This tool will help avoid misinterpretation, which can happen when you rely on words alone. With a conceptual mood board, your suppliers can work with you more easily, understand your ideas more clearly, and bring those concepts to life.

You can collect these elements through a physical means – which is a notebook or a foam board; in a digital format – storing the files in a storage folder or using one of the most popular tools like Pinterest.

Infusion wedding planner Ireland creative process

Wondering how to approach the process? Today I am explaining all about how to create a mood board through ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Nature Inspiration

Can you even imagine a wedding without natural elements like flowers, plants, and greenery? Honestly, I can’t. So, go ahead and choose your favourite images of nature from the internet and gather those ideas on your board.

Interior Design Inspiration

Unleash the interior designer in you and begin browsing home improvement stores and find inspiration for the design. These stores can give you amazing ideas for colours, textures, and different materials. Additionally, they will give you a taste of what kind of style you are drawn to. Jot those concepts down and put them on your mood board.

Architecture Inspiration

Another way concerning how to create a mood board is to observe the architecture of your favourite venues, buildings, wedding destinations (even foreign ones). These ideas can help reveal your interests and preferences. Remember, your big day is all about you!

Wedding Planning

Fashion Mood Board

For sure, you have your own taste in fashion, so let those ideas come and show your personality! Focus on the design, aesthetic, style, and direction of your collection. This will also help relay your colour influences and design preferences. Collect all of these ideas and incorporate them into your mood board.

Food Inspiration

Put together sample images of some of the cuisines and dishes you are considering for your special day. Go for different colours and culinary art. Include those images into your design concepts. Here is more inspiration for unique wedding food ideas.


I hope these tips inspired you and gave you helpful information to get started creating your unique wedding mood board. Start on Pinterest to collect your ideas and inspirations.

If you need assistance conceptualizing your wedding, reach out to me. I’d love to make things a lot easier for you, so let’s connect! Get in touch here

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