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So excited to introduce NONFICTION Love as our first vendor spotlight for the year 2022. Most wedding couples did regret not to have hired a videographer for their celebrations. Having a wedding film that captures moments and emotions from the day is a memory you will cherish forever.

Tell us about NONFICTION Love?

We are a loved-up and married team of wedding videographers. We tell true stories for couples in love. Our approach to wedding videography is a combination of filmmaking, cinematic shooting, and fine storytelling. On the day our client’s comfort is number one for us – we like to have a connection with our couples so that we can shoot openly and creatively to really capture them in their most natural way! Our final product is a hand-crafted and tasteful reflection of the couple’s wedding day – highlighting moments of significance, the mood, the details, the ambience, and all the moments in-between moments that they sometimes don’t get to see. Really knowing our couples and what they are into helps us deliver a film that is true to them and their story. We absolutely love what we do and it is reflected in our client feedback and our films!

What led you to videography ?

Aoife originally comes from a wedding photography background some 15+ years ago and eventually found herself leaning heavily into film & motion in the last 8 years. Emilly comes from a Bio-Medical Science and Electronics Engineering background but has always had a dream to have her own business. Emilly has spent years assisting and second shooting with Aoife at weddings and found a passion for documenting stories about love. In 2019 Emilly left her corporate life behind and the two of us became an official team. Life experience has led us to our niche – we like to keep it real and honest. We want to give our clients what we wanted from our special day!


What keeps you passionate about events and weddings?

Everything lol! When we travel to a new place or find a quiet beach we’ll often find ourselves discussing how a wedding would flow in those places and how epic it would be. Music is another strong one, it really gets us going – we have 1000’s saved songs to suit certain moods and love stories. Social accounts from all over the world that we follow and see what our fellow industry friends are up to!

How long have you been in business?

5 years with NONFICTION LOVE 🙂

Where do you find inspiration?

Platforms like: The Lane, Junebug, One Fab Day, Brides, Vogue Weddings are a good goto for us. Vimeo, Nowness, Instagram, and Pinterest are all links we hit up regularly to see what’s going on. We are also both quite creative souls and love the outdoors so just being creative whether playing the guitar or painting or just being in nature or heading off on a road trip gets us fired up and feeds that inner inspiration. 

What should couples know before hiring a videographer ?

We deliver the full package. All elements of the day are of significance and they are moments you will cherish for a lifetime. Our main product is our feature film -We deliver the full package. All elements of the day are of significance and they are moments you will cherish for a lifetime. Our main product is our feature film – this is the film that takes most of our creative time and energy. It’s what we pour our hearts and experience into – Delivering something you will absolutely love.

The other films, like your speeches and ceremony films, are really for keepsake and to potentially share with extended friends and family who were not able to make it to the wedding. this is the film that takes most of our creative time and energy. It’s what we pour our hearts and experience into – Delivering something you will absolutely love.


What sets you apart in your field?

Our style and approach. There are hundreds of super talented videographers to hire for your day. That’s why it’s so important that you go with a team that suits your personality, style, and taste. We have found that we really attract like-minded clients and it’s super cool and it makes for great films!

What common mistakes do you see couples making?

Thankfully, This is not something we have really seen, to be honest. We are very much there to support our clients through the booking stage right up to after the wedding. Having a strong vendor team for the day really doesn’t allow for mistakes or certainly for the couple to have to endure them.

What’s your best advice for couples planning a wedding ?

Really get to know what style and taste you’re into before booking your creative team. Start a mood board of what you love! Trust energy and your gut, if it feels good, go with it!

Know your maximum budget, if you’re not good with budgeting allocate a friend or your partner to take this on. Get a wedding planner – they will help facilitate all your dreams and visions coming to light.

Eat well, exercise, and drink lots of water in the months coming up to your wedding. Plan pre-wedding celebrations with your closest friends and family and have breakfast with everyone the day after your wedding – enjoy all the celebrations. It really does go by in the blink of an eye!

If you feel like you might regret not getting something you probably will, we believe that is your intuition speaking to you! Get a strong video and photo team to capture your day, they are essentially the only elements you get to keep and look back on from your day! 


What’s the most memorable event / wedding you have ever worked on?

Sandra, ahh this is such a hard question!! We just shot a wedding a week or so ago and we are still feeling all the feels from that wedding! It was in Glenlo Abbey Estate. Dave and Leo and it was absolutely stunning – 30 guests, a pianist, excellent wine and food, a beautiful sunset, and both of them in tuxedos. It was pure magic, we shot their portraits in one of the original carriages from the Orient Express also known as, The Pullman. It was so dreamy!! They were both so laid back and yet so chic, it was the perfect wedding to start off the year!

It sounds cliche but in all honesty, all of our weddings are memorable – these are people we really get to know and we spend hours with them on one of the most momentous and emotional days of their lives. However, Adeline’s speech from Alexie and James’ wedding is pretty high up on the memorable scale! She literally melted our hearts!

Outside of NONFICTION Love, tell us about yourself?

We are now primarily based in the West of Ireland, although we met over 8 years ago in Toronto and spent our first 7+ years there.

We’re both vegan, we have two dogs and one cat. Chloe the Pomeranian A.K.A The Queen, Coco or Chlo then there is, Jolie, the pug A.K.A The best girl, Jojo or as of lately Josephina lol and last but not least the man of the house, Murphy A.K.A Murph, best maneen or Houdini.

We both love to travel, go out for dinner dates, go to live gigs, and hang out with friends. We are both pretty chilled out people and we are always up for a hike, bike, or any outdoor-related adventure! 


Where can we find you? ( Web-site, Instagram )


Instagram: @nonfictionlove__

If you would like to chat about your wedding vision get in touch here.

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