Wedding Top Trends 2021

Even though it feels like 2020 transferred a load into this new year, engaged couples are keeping the flame alive with their determination to celebrate love! It might not be the wedding celebration some wish to realize, but that certainly isn’t a bad thing. In fact, the wedding industry is getting creative in every area and the wedding trends 2021 are ready to amaze us all with resourcefulness and artistry!

Is the uncertainty of wedding planning making you tense? Fret not. In this blog, I will go over 8 new trends that will most definitely help you to finally realize your dream wedding.

1.Pintimate – Wedding Trend Report by the Wedding Academy

Micro weddings are at the center of attention and headlining the wedding trends 2021. More and more couples recognize the core values of life and the importance of celebrating love with their closest ones. Forget the grand lavish weddings and say hello to detail-focused and intentional celebrations. Whilst in the past the huge guest number played an important role in decision making, this year it is all about showing care and love to every single guest attending the wedding.

2.Personality infused and doing what feels right for you

Couples are leaving traditions behind and doing what feels right to them – tying the knot while being surrounded by loved ones. The world changed in a heartbeat, so why not focus on your own comfort instead of stressing over traditions. Make your unique love known, infuse your wedding with your own personality and express your authentic style!

infusion-wedding-planner-Dublin-intimate wedding setting

3.Elevated guest experience

While in the past during large weddings couples couldn’t dedicate their attention to most of the guests, this year it is all about showing care towards every single one. They focus on the guest experience by planning outings, spa trips, focus on style aesthetics, exceptional dining experience, and all kinds of creative entertainment. 

4.Exclusive wedding venues

Because of the smaller guest list, intimate celebrations give the leisure to treat yourself to a unique bridal experience by booking an exclusive wedding venue. Signature places that have amazing interiors infused with many contemporary design elements are the trendsetters in 2021. As a wedding planner in Ireland, I have access to many exclusive wedding venues that offer an incredible weekend experience. Feel free to get in touch to receive many fantastic recommendations!

infusion-wedding-planner-Dublin-dining -experience

5.Pantone Colours of the year: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow

In light of the past year, Pantone introduced these colours: Ultimate Gray (concrete tone) and Illuminating Yellow (soft sunset tone); to carry the symbolism of endurance, strength, and optimism. I cant wait to see yellow integrated into design concepts these summer months.

6.Sustainable Weddings

Maybe the pandemic had another positive impact and that is awakening people towards sustainability. In the wedding trends 2021, we will be seeing more organic food menus, brides who seek to buy eco-friendly dresses, repurposing of furniture, flowers, or decor. Sustainability is making a strong imprint on wedding choices, and couples love it!


Yes, you read it right! MOHO or modern boho is a trend that is emerging fast and is composed by weaving an ethereal aesthetic with stylish bohemian elements. This style is all about organic textures, cotton linens, pampas grasses but infused with contemporary twists and strong colours! The modern elements will give the traditional boho a pop of vibrancy. Floral installations will be one of the focal points in a MOHO wedding.


8. Focus on Style Aesthetics

Couples are showing their unique personality and creativity by making their event an artful experience. Every detail is a part of their story and intentional so their focus is shifted towards using coloured linen & glassware, abundant flowers, artisan stationery, taper candles, and also focus on the height & texture of their styling elements.

As a wedding planner in Ireland, I have vast knowledge and experience in weddings so if you are planning one, be sure to check out my lead magnet, The Ultimate Guide for finding a stylish wedding venue!

If you would like to chat about your wedding plans, please get in touch here.

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