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How to make wedding planning less overwhelming

If you are wondering how much time you will need to spend on your wedding planning, there is no set number. Every couple and wedding celebration are completely different. Your wedding vision defines the hours it will take to put your bespoke wedding concept into reality.

Perhaps you have some planning experience and have hosted a family celebration, a bridal shower, or birthday party then you will understand how much effort went into this, organizing your big day is time-consuming and can be overwhelming.

If you are newly engaged, congratulations, it is an exciting time.
Now there are so many decisions to make, what style of wedding you would
desire, the perfect location for your unique celebration, how many people will you invite and the list continue before you have started looking at wedding vendors, your attire, dining experience, drinks, music, and entertainment ideas to make your wedding unique and special to you.

These are all fun tasks but they are going to take up precious time during your days and weekends which you usually like to spend with family and friends. Trying to contact wedding vendors, getting quotes, not really
knowing who to choose, working out how many of your guests have dietary
requirements, organizing your artisan stationery and the list goes on.

But don’t fret, here are some top tips for helping you save time planning your wedding celebration.

infusion-wedding-planner-dublin-wedding planning tips

1. Hire a wedding planner

If it is within your budget or you are planning a destination wedding, hire a wedding planner. A planner will bring a wealth of experience to you, helping you streamline the planning process and guide you to exactly what you need to be focusing on.
A planner can also get in touch with wedding vendors and unique venues far quicker than you can as they already have their details, forged relationships with them, and will know exactly what questions to ask on your behalf. Don’t forget venues drown with enquiries during engagement season, having a planner working for you means they are able to get responses faster with all the latest prices for you. As well a planner’s mission is to create a bespoke wedding concept for you and make you feel inspired through the planning process.
If a planner isn’t for you then get organized as soon as you start your wedding planning. It will make it much easier when you are working on so many details later on.

If you want to have a chat about your wedding vision get in touch here.

2. Be realistic with your wedding budget

You need to be realistic about your wedding budget and concentrate on the
main things first, this will be your ceremony, dining, and drinks, attire, rings, and music entertainment. Use your list where you have noted your priorities to allocate your budget and spending.
The internet is useful to find out what you will need to plan your wedding and if any friends or family have recently planned a wedding pick their brains too, ask for help.

3. Create a doable timeline

Create a doable timeline to get things done, work out how much time you have to spend on your wedding planning. For example, if you know you are going to be busy at work during certain weeks make sure your vendors know when you can and cannot be available to answer their questions.
Set aside time with your partner, often life gets in the way and it can become stressful if you find you seem to be demanding their time. Be sensible, work out a time you are both happy to sit down and plan together. This could be one evening each week or a weekend for a few hours.

4. Delegate tasks

DELEGATE, planners agree that too often it is the brides doing the majority of the planning work with little help from the groom. This should not be the case, the groom should be helping even if you assign tasks for him to complete, this could be the music, keeping the guest list up to date, and booking transport.
Ask your bridesmaids to help you with choosing dresses, flowers, hair, makeup styles, and shoes.
Speak to your parents about the dining experience and wine, no doubt they are far more versed in entertaining than you are, make sure everyone knows they have to write a speech and if you know a good writer get them to help.

You don’t have to do this alone, here are some great tips for you to save you
time planning your wedding and get others involved.

Check out my services if you would like any support in planning your wedding.

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