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10 Wedding Trends For 2022

It has been over a year and a half since the pandemic hit — that’s more than eighteen months of lockdown restrictions, affecting every area of our lifes, including our celebrations. But things are starting to look up, and engaged couples are filled with hope and anticipation of better things to come. They can once more get excited about bigger parties, fabulous gatherings, and more photos of smiling guests. With that in mind, here are my predictions for the top 10 wedding trends for 2022.


An amalgamation of anniversary and reception, an anni-ception is a bigger celebration after an intimate ceremony. Last year, many couples had to have smaller weddings, which gave them the chance to save up for a large reception to mark the first anniversary of their marriage. This can also be a destination celebration as well since there are fewer travel restrictions! Simply book your wedding planner in Ireland to help organise a destination party on the Emerald Isle.

An anni-ception will give couples the experience they dreamed of for their big day. This trend, while being a direct result of lockdowns, is most likely here to stay for the foreseeable future. It gives brides and grooms who eloped the opportunity to enjoy a grander event down the line – to celebrate with all their loved ones a year after they tied the knot. Delayed celebrations are one of the top 10 wedding trends for 2022. 

Exciting Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Menu of Mocktails

Alcohol has always been a staple of weddings everywhere. But we have seen more and more couples going for sober celebrations and adding non-alcoholic beverages to their menu. There has been a rise in internet users searching for maternity wedding dresses and guest dresses, which implies pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are making up a key part of this trend, as well as people who choose to avoid alcohol.

I expect to see an increasing amount of non-alcoholic drinks on wedding menus, and in line with this trend, there are now more and more catering companies launching sets of delicious and delightful drinks sans alcohol. Mocktail recipes are going to play a significant role in reception refreshments; other yummy soft drink treats popping up behind the bar at weddings include pomegranate seltzer, lemon-sage seltzer, lavender-lime seltzer, and cherry limeade.

Exciting non-alcoholic drinks are one of the 10 wedding trends for 2022.

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Earthy, Natural Colours

More and more people have an awareness of the environment and the importance of protecting it in recent times. Due to this, we’re seeing an increase in couples who want to honour Mother Nature during their big day. To reflect this, I feel that earth tones are going to be all the rage next year. Expect a decline in couples choosing white and pastels, as earthy, natural colours are set to be one of the key 10 wedding trends for 2022.

Personalised Wedding Details and Favours

More couples will be keen to showcase their unique personalities and share this with their guests. They will send their guests home with keepsakes, designed to not only thank those that attended but to give them something to remember just how special the day was. Favours will be chosen that their guests can actually use and enjoy. Therefore, anticipate seeing more personalised wedding details and favours in the coming year. Think customised face masks, hand sanitisers, homemade treats, and custom illustrations. As a Dublin wedding planner, I can help to source unique and regional wedding favours. Get in touch here.

Unique Entertainment

Because of the many months of restrictions, don’t be surprised to see more brides and grooms adding unique entertainment to their receptions. They want to give those in attendance something to make them feel good, so they will invest in upgrading the guest experience, i.e., surprises, live music, lots of dancing, and professional entertainers. For sure, unique entertainment will delight guests of all ages, so expect this to be a big thing in weddings next year.

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Repurposing of Flower Pieces

Sustainability is unquestionably one of the 10 wedding trends for 2022. If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s how to repurpose items to save some cash. That same concept can be applied to wedding flower pieces. Couples will be using the same blooms at the ceremony and reception. They will also let their guests take home beautiful arrangements. We also expect fewer couples to use foams to protect the environment.

Wedding Cakes with Meaning

No wedding is complete without a cake, but watch out for unique wedding cakes in the year to come. Couples will be incorporating their life memories in their gâteaux, like childhood experiences, holidays, and date nights. Having such a unique cake will make a wedding even more unforgettable! Your wedding planner in Ireland should be able to help you find a cake designer who can make the perfect confection for you.

Destination Elopements

Another result of the restrictions on gatherings was the rise of elopements, which allowed couples to limit their guests and turn their special day into an intimate, private celebration with select family and friends serving as witnesses. While some couples will want to go big next year, there should be a significant number of sweethearts choosing to have destination elopements in Ireland.

Vegan Wedding Food

In general, recent years have brought about a significant rise in awareness about being health-conscious. Dietary choices will influence wedding receptions next year. As such, there will be more vegetarian and vegan weddings in 2022. 

gorgeous outdoor wedding set-up

Outdoor Weddings

Perhaps the main trend next year will be outdoor events. In the wake of the pandemic, people often prefer having their celebrations in open spaces to achieve good ventilation, which lowers the risk of the spread of pathogens like the COVID virus. This will no doubt lead to a rise in the booking of outdoor event spaces for wedding celebrations. But don’t forget we are in Ireland and you should always have a backup plan.

These are our predictions for the 10 wedding trends for 2022, and I hope you found inspiration for your big day. If you need help planning your Ireland wedding, get in touch with us via our contact page.

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