The Pros and Cons of Eloping to Ireland!

With so many things happening at the same time — the guests, logistics, details, etc. —  a large wedding can become quickly overwhelming. You prepare for several months for an event that lasts only about 8-10 hours. There’s the worry about making everybody happy when it’s supposed to be you who should be feeling special. That being said, precisely these are the reasons to consider Eloping to Ireland. Furthermore, here are some Pros and Cons to help you decide what is best for you and your partner to have a wedding celebration that feels authentic to you.

Pros of Eloping to Ireland

Your day will be 100% about you as a couple.

As mentioned, one of the disadvantages of having a large wedding is trying to please everybody. It becomes more about your family and friends rather than the two of you. That’s why destination weddings are a great way to say ‘I Do’ minus others. It gives you the opportunity to express your love in a romantic and adventurous way.

You will have minimal planning and logistics.

If you are eloping to Ireland, it means you’ll have fewer matters to attend to and so can have more fun enjoying your big day! Little planning and logistics will be involved, so you won’t need to be concerned with transportation, favors, RVSP, etc. But I do recommend working with a local elopement planner to get access to exclusive locations and contemporary and talented wedding suppliers.

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Epic Backdrops

Intimate weddings allow you to be adventurous and create timeless memories wherever you desire. You can enjoy an outdoor ceremony at a clifftop, in the middle of a meadow, or even on a sandy coast — things not usually possible with a large wedding. Ireland has the most amazing locations on offer. So if you are in history and nature lover it’s the perfect destination.

Turn your destination elopement into a honeymoon.

Eloping to Ireland means turning your wedding into an instant honeymoon. You’re already in a beautiful destination, so be sure to make the most of your stay! For Ireland, I recommend a road trip along the Wild Atlantic Way.


You will have fewer expenses.

Destination weddings help you save money. Your budget for food, venue, decor, etc will often be comparatively less than you’d need in place for a larger wedding. As well it gives you the opportunity to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You don’t have to have a guest list drama.

A potential point of stress when hosting a large wedding is dealing with people who are offended because they were not a part of the wedding celebration or were not invited. Eloping to Ireland gives you an excuse to enjoy your day with just you and the one that means the most to you without the dilemma of navigating the guest list!

Cons of Eloping to Ireland

Your loved ones won’t be there.

You are not surrounded by family and friends, which may not be right for you if you have close family relationships.

You need witnesses to sign.

You may have the privacy you’ve always wanted, but someone whom you don’t know might be the one to serve as your witness. You could check with your photographer or musician to serve you as a witness.

Photography by Yvonne Keane

It makes it less of a big deal.

You may find it not as significant in terms of impact when compared to a well-thought-out, well-prepared wedding.

You won’t get as many presents.

Fewer guests, sadly, mean fewer gifts. I know this is a tough one!

You won’t have a dance party.

Intimate weddings may not be for you if you love to dance the night away! But you could finish with a romantic dinner for 2.

It doesn’t involve all the wedding details.

You won’t be able to unleash your creative side and include all the wedding details. If you have always dreamed of a Pinterest wedding, an elopement won’t let you evolve in the wedding design and styling.

You’re missing out on a bridal party.

If you’re big on celebrating with your closest friends, Eloping to Ireland may keep you from having those special moments with your girls.

Eloping can be a fabulous, fun, and unique way to begin married life. There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing whether or not to elope, but we can help you to decide on the right option for you. Do you want to know more about Eloping to Ireland? Get in touch here.

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