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Balloonera Ireland – Vendor Spotlight

Get to know Ida, who creates the most amazing statement decorations with balloons and dried flowers. It was my pleasure chatting with her.

Tell us about Balloonera Ireland?

Our business’ name is Balloonera which means “the lady who makes balloons” in our native language. We create organic-style balloon decorations for all occasions.

What led you to balloon decorations?

I think most businesses run by women start off when they have their firstborn child – that was the case for me anyway. I wanted to decorate my son’s birthday party and stumbled on some very artistically arranged balloons on Pinterest, I knew I had to try it, and the rest was history!

What keeps you passionate about events and weddings?

I love that we are able to play a small part in someone’s celebration. To think that our work is going to be with the memories for the couples to look back on is just amazing. I was nursing before I started working with balloons so there was a lot of stress and sometimes sad times in that (especially when you lose a patient who has become dear to you). When you celebrate something people are happy and joyful so the shift in the environment was quite uplifting.


How long has Balloonera Ireland been in business?

We have been ballooning since 2018, but committed to it full time in 2020.

Where do you find inspiration?

Our inspiration comes from nature, art, fashion, and the latest trends in the ballooning industry.

What should couples know before hiring you?

We work closely with our couples so if they want something done that they don’t hesitate to communicate that, we are here to help and make their wedding day more memorable with our balloons.

What sets Balloonera Ireland apart in your field?

I suppose it’s our distinctive style that sets us apart from our competitors. We love exploring and creating new colors and we especially like it when it is adorned with flowers! We value our clients very much so we make sure that from inquiry to installation they are satisfied with their experience with our service.

What common mistakes do you see couples making?

Giving in to the requests of other people when it’s your special day!

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What’s you best advice for couples planning a wedding ?

Enjoy every minute of it and you do you!

Outside of Balloonera Ireland, tell us about yourself?

I am born and bred in the Philippines and came to Ireland to work as a nurse in 2012. I have three boys that inspire me every day and my partner in crime is my husband. I love to be on the road and food tripping.

Where can we find you? (Website, Instagram)


Instagram: @balloonera.ireland

If you want to chat about your wedding vision get in touch here

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