10 Common Mistakes when planning your wedding

10 Common Mistakes when Planning your Wedding

You just got recently engaged and have taken on the huge task to plan your wedding. Are you not sure where to start and want to avoid common mistakes? You feel slightly overwhelmed…

Do you want to know a secret? You are not alone… The pressure is on to organize the biggest day of your life and make sure your guests have an amazing experience they will cherish for a long time.

I put together some pitfalls and I hope they will empower you to organize your wedding with ease.

1.Decide on a budget and stick to it

This should be one of your first tasks. Sit down and go through your finances and bank statements because it is so important to be clear about what kind of wedding you can realistically afford. When you have that magic number choose your venue and wedding theme. Set your priorities clear and allocate your budget with the help of spreadsheets. Microsoft Excel has some great free templates for wedding budgets.

Drop me a line here and I will share mine with you.

2. Having a traditional wedding for the sake of your parents

2020 / 2021 is all about modern and stylish wedding experiences. Your celebration should reflect you as a couple. You don’t need bridesmaids, cut the cake and freeze it for the christening, wear a white dress or toss a bouquet.

It’s about your uniqueness and what’s right for you. Feel empowered to mix traditions with contemporary ideas. Check out my other blog post about Micro Weddings.

Modern Wedding Styling

3. Skipping the videographer

Most couples did regret not having a videographer. Some magical moments are simply better on film and you will treasure them forever. Have a look if you can find a photographer/videographer team or if you can stretch your budget somewhere.

4. You don’t have a bad weather plan

Guys, we are in Ireland and we can have 4 seasons in a day. I know, outdoor ceremonies and receptions are just so appealing but you need to have a plan in place if the weather turns around. Have a chat with your venue if any other rooms will be available on the day or talk to a marquee company beforehand. Better safe than sorry!

5. Give Pinterest or Instagram a break

I know, you can spend hours on Pinterest and happily pinning ideas to your board. But as soon you have chosen a theme stick to it. When you have booked your vendors, cross them off your to-do list and stop getting inspired by other ideas. Personally, I still keep falling in this one.

Check out, my monthly vendor spotlight for supplier recommendations.

10 Common Mistakes when planning your wedding

6. Not setting up a separate wedding e-mail

You know that feeling when you are looking for the last vendor quote but just can’t find it in between of newsletter, work emails, and your private stuff. Set up a separate wedding mail for your planning process. Everything is in one place and you can delete it when you are finally married.

7. Not making a timeline

A timeline is just essential to pull off your wedding as you have envisioned it. You will need one to share with your vendors, bridal party and to decide on all your wedding details. Make sure you check with your vendors about key timings. It’s totally normal that you don’t know how long your celebrant will speak or how much time the group photograph will take.

Are you sold? Let me know if you want me to share one with you.

8. Avoiding the hair and make-up trial

You want to look the best on your wedding day. If you feel beautiful you have this glow from your inside.  You should try out your options beforehand. Usually, the trial will happen 3 months in advance.

As a smart move try to book it on the day of your engagement shoot. You will look great and it gives you the opportunity to check out how the make-up will look in pictures.

10 Common Mistakes when planning your wedding

9. Hiring a friend over a pro

We all have talented friends and family. But I want you to be aware unless your friend/family member is a professional I wouldn’t take the risk to leave your wedding in their hands. They are no re-dos and you want your day to be perfect.

Florists are trained to arrange florals that make an impact on your wedding day. The same goes for a photographer who will capture your moments perfectly and much better than your uncle. Your wedding day should be totally worth it.

10. Still planning and organising on your big day

This is the time for you to stop planning and just enjoy.  Delegate responsibilities or hire a planner. Lots of us will offer on-the-day coordination to give you peace of mind. You can easily avoid the common mistakes when planning your wedding.

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