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This month’s vendor spotlight features Sophie from Space to Grow. Based in Sligo, Sophie gets inspired by nature and creates wildflower florals for modern weddings. She grows most of the flowers herself and doesn’t use any plastic or foam. I hope you enjoy reading!

Tell us about Space to Grow?

I started out as an organic food grower and learned how to produce food and flowers in a chemical-free sustainable way. My small business started seven years ago with a focus on social gardening, growing food in community groups, and therapeutic spaces. However, with more and more beautiful flowers growing in the garden I started looking for ways to use them in their own right. This led to my small cut flower business with an online shop, running floral courses and workshops for events and later wedding flower design.

Infusion-Space-to-grow-wedding bouquet
Image by Kate Nolan Photography

What led you to floral design ?

After studying Permaculture design I realised that how we live our lives and run our businesses is a huge responsibility. And should always be done eco-consciously. This huge interest in sustainability sets my business apart as we continue to work hard to reduce waste and eliminate plastic completely from our lives and creations.

What keeps you passionate about events and weddings?

With our beginnings rooted in social and community work, people have always been at the core of our interests. Events, and especially wedding celebrations are such an important time, it’s easy for us to find the enthusiasm and passion to be part of that.

How long have you been in business?

I’ve been working freelance in organics and growing for 12 years now. And our floral business Space to Grow Studio is in its seventh year.

Image by Cian Flynn

Where do you find inspiration?

Oh, that question is easy, outdoors walking in wild spaces. Being beside the ocean. Watching the seasons blend from one to the other, and all the wonderful different plants that come with it. The passing of the year, watching plants do their thing. Oh, and Instagram, we’re a bit obsessed.

What should couples know before hiring a floral designer?

Floral Design is all about statement and styling. But really we’re trying hard to create your vision and personality through flowers. Generally, I think designers are visual people, so bring loads of images to the table, as this is the easiest way to communicate your vision to us creators. 

Every floral business may have a different passion, and this is part of what makes their brand. Within our small business, we try really hard to reduce waste and to create in an environmentally low impact way. Therefore we generally shy away from excessively large or oversized arrangements. And we find it difficult to get carried away in an ‘all-out’ fashion. 

What sets you apart ?

If sustainability is your thing, you’re at the right place. This small Irish business is committed to zero waste and zero plastic. As we work with plants in Gardens all the time, we know how they behave and so have a really good natural aesthetic. And a huge appreciation for seasonality design.

What common mistakes do you see couples making?

Probably the same mistake we all make, and that is feeling the pressure from social media to look and feel a certain way.

Image by Cian Flynn

What’s you best advice for couples planning a wedding ?

Focus on how much you want to be together with each other and think about that every time you are involved in planning. I think this helps to keep things in perspective and enjoy the process.

What’s the most memorable event / wedding you have ever worked on?

We’ve met hundreds of people through our workshops over the years, but doing the flowers for my little sister’s wedding was a definite highlight.

Outside of Space to Grow, tell us about yourself?

I am a professional sailor and Offshore Yachtmaster. I live for the sea and racing yachts both for work and in my spare time. I’m also a mum and a wife. And love listening to other people’s stories.

Where can we find you? (Web-site, Instagram)


Instagram: @spacetogrowstudio

If you want to chat about your wedding celebration get in touch here

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