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Why You Should Get Married in Ireland

As a stylist and planner for destination weddings in Ireland and Ireland elopements, I can think of so many reasons to convince you that Ireland is the ideal location for your wedding.

I live in Ireland, so I have experienced this country for all it has to offer, and I have recommended some of the best wedding locations and castle venues for you!

If you haven’t been convinced enough already, here are 8 reasons why you should get married in Ireland! 

8 Reasons Why You Should Get Married in Ireland

Incredible Scenery 

When you think of Ireland’s beautiful scenery, you probably think of the following things: Dramatic cliffs and beaches, wooded forests, lush green landscapes, and cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, right?

All of these are compelling reasons to consider getting married in Ireland. You have a lot of options whether you want to use one of these settings as the backdrop for your ceremony or simply as a place to take photos or to adventure!


When someone describes their ideal wedding as a fairytale wedding, what they mean is getting married in a castle.

Ireland has over 30,000 castles (including ruins, operational, and restored castles of all types), which is astounding!

If you want to feel like royalty, and you’re a lover of history and an intimate venue, then your wedding in one of Ireland’s magnificent castles may be ideal for you. 

Check out our top 5 castle wedding venues in Ireland and our Ireland castle venues for your destination micro wedding blog posts!

One of our favourites is Luttrellstown Castle.

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Ireland is rich in history! This is evident in the ancient mediaeval ruins, abandoned castles, beautiful churches, and historic monasteries.

Not only will being surrounded by such historic sites be extremely meaningful, but you will also get stunning wedding photos, and what more could you want?

Photo by Esther Irvine

Ocean Views

When you think of a beach holiday, Ireland isn’t the first place that comes to mind.

However, there are plenty of ocean views that you will appreciate on your wedding day if you love the seaside!

There are plenty of uncrowded beaches in Ireland, which range from long stretches of beaches to small, rocky coves.

Photo by Caragh Isla Photography

The Culture

Ireland has a lovely blend of modern and traditional Irish culture and the country is famous for its music, pubs, Irish dancing, and, of course, Guinness.

You should get married in Ireland simply for the amazing culture.

There are also many lovely Irish traditions that you could incorporate into your wedding day.

As a wedding planner and stylist in Ireland, I love living here and introducing couples travelling to get married here!

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The Food

I am a firm believer that you can’t beat Irish food!

While I wouldn’t recommend serving bacon and cabbage, Ireland has a fantastic reputation for prestigious caterers and chefs who will ensure your wedding meal is a hit.

As a wedding planner in Ireland, I know an array of incredible caters here who can give you top-notch cuisine on your wedding day!

Photo by Nomad Paradise

Holiday Experience

Couples from all over the world choose this country for its relaxing atmosphere and laid-back culture.

They can’t get enough of the warm and friendly Irish people they meet, who go about their days relaxed and stress-free, savouring the fresh Irish breeze and the beautiful scenery around them.

Most couples choose Ireland because they know that life is laid-back and simple here, which is the polar opposite of any other wedding day. You can have a peaceful ceremony away from the busy streets and crowds, and that is why you should get married in Ireland.

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Photography by Amy French

Wedding Vendors

We can’t forget the incredible wedding vendors in Ireland! 

Whether you require a wedding planner and stylist like me, a photographer, or a wedding cake maker– throughout Ireland, there are talented wedding vendors.

They will listen and help you plan your dream wedding.

As a modern wedding planner in Ireland, I have a great list of vendors who I love recommending to couples, as well as working with them to create my couple’s modern wedding vision!

You can Legally Marry Here!

The last reason why you should get married in Ireland is that this country has less stringent requirements for legal weddings than other European countries.

For one thing, non-residents and non-Irish nationals can legally marry in Ireland

As part of the requirement for a legally binding wedding, non-Irish couples only need to submit some documents and appear before the Registrar’s office a few days before the wedding.

Check out our blog on how to elope in Ireland, which includes more information on legalities.

Are you ready to get married in Ireland?

Now you know why you should get married in Ireland, you should have a good idea as to whether this country is the right place for you to celebrate your love and have an adventure!

I am a modern wedding planner and stylist in Ireland – if you want to take the stress and overwhelm of planning and perfecting your vision off your shoulders, then let’s chat.


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